My Story

Southern Oregon resident since 1975, with a two-year sojourn in Monterey, CA, I have painted, taught painting, and exhibited my work in various locations across the continent since 1972.

Originally from Ohio where I first began an art career, and where I was named artist of the year in Columbus, I have conducted workshops at both the East and West coasts.

A graduate of Ohio State University, I was president of the Central Ohio Watercolor Society and one-time member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon.

I was privileged to have studied with such greats as John Pike, Edgar Whitney, Tom Nicholas, and Tom Hill.  I never aspired to paint like them, but took away from their workshops what I needed to develop my own style.  I believe style come from the inner self, our own personalities.

An artist paints what one sees, feels, understands. My style is a sort of realistic impressionism, with a strong emphasis on color, values, composition, and design.   As a youngster, I could never see a blank piece of paper without drawing something on it.  After years of oil and acrylic, I came into watercolor by chance.

I am a lifelong devotee of theatre, so I find myself looking for the drama in a scene, the play of light and shadow,  dramatic lights and darks against one another.  Although I work with realistic subject matter, it’s the abstract design that moves me.  Nature abounds with beauty; I feel I must not only convey the beauty I see but express it in a personal way.

Henry Ward Beecher said, “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures.”  There is a little bit of my soul in every piece I complete.